CM14 – 5/16″ Indentations

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Copper Bracelet Indentations With Magnets – CM14. We are a UK manufacturer who have been in business for over forty years. Every bracelet is hand made. Always check copper quality used by other sellers. We only use solid C101 International Annealed Copper Standard (IACS) – nothing less will do!

Bracelet is approximately 6 1/2 ” / 16.5 cm long. 5/16″ / 7.9mm wide and 2.38mm thick. Check out our other items for sale or message us.
When checking out other sellers make sure to ask if their bracelets are unlacquered, like all of ours, as the lacquer will seal the copper from contact with the skin so you will get no health benefit.
We have the largest range of any UK manufacturer and look forward to your valued order.
Approx weight – 30g