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100% Pure Copper Jewellery for the relief of Rheumatism & Arthritis

Copper Magnet and Zinc Therapy

Copper Therapy: This is based on the idea that conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis result from a copper deficiency in the blood. Copper is important, as it is one of the 25 essential minerals utilised in the human body. It is used by cells to process oxygen, to produce energy and also fight cancer-causing free radicals. Copper also stimulates collagen, which gives connective tissue in our bodies its strength and resistance. Copper is also vital to the nervous system. Modern farming and food processing techniques can prevent us getting enough copper in our diets. By wearing a copper bracelet you can help prevent copper deficiency and related conditions like arthritis. The copper bracelet gives you a natural top up of copper as it is absorbed through the skin into the blood. It can also help joint stiffness as it conducts heat to the area thus preventing the effects of cold and damp on the joints. Research has even suggested that copper could have a use in preventing cancer. Experiments by Professor Sorenson, of Arkansas Medical Sciences University, led him to the conclusion that “just as copper therapy can bring about the elimination of metabolites which cause arthritis and rheumatism, so it prevents them turning normal body tissue into a cancerous state.”

Magnet Therapy: Magno-therapy is popular in America where some five million people swear by it, with devotees including Bill Clinton and Sir Anthony Hopkins. It is believed to help ailments ranging from chronic pain to repetitive strain injury providing significant and quick pain relief. Various studies also show that magnets help women who suffer from muscle complaints like fibromyalgia. The idea is that the magnetic current produced by the bracelet is drawing on the iron content of the blood to boost circulation. The benefits of improved circulation can lead to greater energy levels, with other benefits said to be an increased efficiency of natural healing processes and a regulation of rhythmical body functions like sleep and bowel movements. Magnet Therapy may also help you if you suffer from migraines.

Zinc Therapy: Copper with Zinc bracelets provide the wearer with a constant top up of zinc to help maintain a healthy immune system and to aid optimal well being. The Herb Research Foundation also states it provides effective relief of the common cold. Not only does it reduce symptoms of the common cold it can substantially reduce the duration of the cold. In addition to zinc’s role in protecting the immune system, there is ample scientific evidence that indicates moderate to severe zinc deficiency can lead to sexual dysfunction, mental lethargy, skin changes, and glucose intolerance. (Hendler 1990) The health benefits of zinc and copper bracelets are said to come from the bi-metal properties of the two complimentary metals that form a thermo-couple, producing a gentle electric current that flows through and stimulates the acupuncture points throughout the body.