About Us

Copper Fayre is a small UK business that has been dedicated to the manufacturing of hand made copper bracelets for over 40 years and has recently relocated to Wiltshire where we have invested in purchasing new premises. Andrew and Hilary Janes are the founders of the business, which originated in 1979 when they traded under the style ‘African Crafts’. At that time a whole range of copper goods were imported from Africa and it was only when the copper bracelets proved to be so popular that they decided to focus solely on them and design and manufacture their own range of pure copper bracelets, with or without magnets, rings and neck chains.

Copper Fayre is the only UK company who exclusively manufacture and sell copper bracelets. Many other companies import and combine with fashion accessories such as titanium and leather bracelets. Copper Fayre has established a reputation for offering the best value-for-money range of genuine copper products to cater for all tastes. We have always welcomed competition and the opportunity of potential customers to compare our hand made products with others.

Copper Fayre strives to keep its costs as low as possible to pass the savings onto all its valued customers whilst maintaining exceptionally high quality standards. All our products are hand made using highest grade of copper not to be confused with other manufacturers / suppliers products which appear to be copper but do not specify compliance with C101 – International Annealed Copper Standard.

None of our copper bracelets or neck chains are lacquered so you will get the full benefit of the copper next to your skin. Make sure you don’t buy any lacquered bracelet as you will derive no benefit from the copper which will be sealed inside the lacquer.

Our Legacy of Craftsmanship

Copper Fayre, a small UK business with over 40 years of dedication to handcrafting copper bracelets, has recently relocated to Wiltshire, expanding its horizons with new premises. Founded by Andrew and Hilary Janes in 1979 under the name 'African Crafts,' the company initially imported a variety of copper goods from Africa. However, the overwhelming popularity of copper bracelets led them to exclusively design and manufacture their own range of pure copper bracelets, both magnetic and non-magnetic, along with rings and neck chains.

Exclusivity in Copper Craftsmanship

Copper Fayre stands as the only UK company specializing solely in the manufacturing and sale of copper bracelets. Unlike other companies that blend copper with fashion accessories like titanium and leather, Copper Fayre remains committed to offering the best value-for-money range of genuine copper products to cater to diverse tastes. We openly embrace competition and invite potential customers to compare the quality and craftsmanship of our hand-made products with others.

Uncompromising Quality

At Copper Fayre, we prioritize maintaining exceptionally high-quality standards while keeping costs as low as possible. Our products are meticulously handcrafted using the highest grade of copper, compliant with C101 – the International Annealed Copper Standard. Unlike some manufacturers and suppliers who claim to offer copper products, our bracelets and neck chains are never lacquered. This ensures that you experience the full benefits of copper directly against your skin. Avoid lacquered bracelets, as they seal the copper within the lacquer, rendering it ineffective.

Discover the heritage of Copper Fayre, where dedication to craftsmanship and the genuine benefits of copper blend seamlessly to offer you unparalleled quality and value.