100% Pure Copper Jewellery for the relief of Rheumatism & Arthritis

Copper Fayre

UK Manufacturers of Pure Copper Bracelets

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About Copper Fayre

Copper Fayre is a small business and the leading name in the industry with over 40 years experience in manufacturing for retailers, wholesalers and multiple retailers worldwide. We now offer our full product range directly to the public for your convenience.

As UK manufacturers, and this is all we do, we offer over 100 different products to suit everyone. See our full range of products which range from narrow to 1″ / 25cm wide – plain, patterned, with magnets and with zinc. They all have open ends so can be adjusted to suit all wrist sizes. We also offer chain link bracelets, rings and neck chains.

Copper and Magnetic therapy has been used since Roman times for relieving pain and improving health.

Copper Fayre use only graded copper which is the highest quality copper to C101 – International Annealed Copper Standard (99.9% Pure Copper and nominal conductivity 100% IACS) also known as HC or high conductivity copper for all our products. Make sure you insist on this standard when you compare our products with any other source before you make your purchase.


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Pure Copper & Magnetic Bracelets are renowned for their therapeutic properties for common ailments like rheumatism and arthritis – see our Copper Magnet and Zinc Therapy page for further details.

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